Remote and real-time data-collection, monitoring and management

Ensuring safety and efficiency for mining operations

In mining, long-term planning is challenging. To ensure safety and productivity, geologists and engineers need to rely on accurate and timely data from wells and surface piezometers as well as other geotechnical instruments.

To monitor this multitude of data points, teams must travel to the mine regularly to take manual readings. Manual data collection is time intensive, difficult, and puts team members and equipment at risk as many instruments are remotely located and hard to access. The large sums of data collected will be messy and meaningless unless properly aggregated and processed to come up with useful information.

From geotechnical insights to structural health monitoring, Worldsensing products and solutions connect mines to the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing mining operators to implement remote data-collection, and real-time monitoring and management, reducing time spent on mine readings and decision-making on critical situations. Worldsensing also provides operational intelligence by transforming traditional dashboard reports into relevant and actionable information.

By linking sensors, systems and team members, mining operators are one step closer to creating more efficient operations and safer work environments.

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Key Goals of Mining Operators

Mining Operational Intelligence

Turn real-time mine data into actionable results. Our customizable software solution connects sensor-based data, systems, and people to generate instant, geo-located insights:

  • Gain complete visibility over all mining operations
  • Remotely monitor, manage, and maintain key assets
  • Predict and prepare for unusual situations
  • Use data insights to make decisions based on intelligence
  • Reduce operational costs due not needing expensive cabling
  • Easily integrate 3rd party systems and sensors


Construction Site Monitoring

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Critical Asset Monitoring

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Customized solutions for Mining Operators

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