We offer a centralized traffic flow monitoring solution

For more intelligent traffic operations

It’s a commuter’s dream: The city is thick with traffic, but green lights appear at every intersection and traffic flows smoothly. Drivers spend less time in their vehicles, are more relaxed and cause fewer accidents. Making the decision to implement traffic flow management is a decisive step towards creating a Smart City. By determining travel times, traffic flow monitoring and tracking incidents, a city not only provides citizens with the benefit of getting from A to B quicker, it also gains control over roads and events to manage inner-city operations more efficiently.

Through the collection of data relating to traffic divergence, continuity, congestion and dispersion, real-time traffic analysis enables transport operators to develop a greater understanding of traffic flow dynamics. Heat maps show origin and destination points based on travel times and enable operators to manage truck fleets and perfect their mobility strategy. An incident alert system provides instant updates regarding accidents or roadblocks making choosing the right transportation route a breeze.

The Worldsensing product line includes a traffic flow monitoring system which enables operators to track how vehicles move in real-time. It wirelessly collects traffic information which is vital for the development of agile mobility concepts.


  • Improve mobility strategy
  • Manage and optimize traffic in real time
  • Make faster decisions based on 24/7 information
  • Save resources through fast implementation and maintenance
  • Reduce the number of accidents
  • Decrease congestion and save time for emergency vehicles and public services
  • Postpone the need to construct additional road capacity


  • Improve route planning
  • Obtain traffic maps and key traffic metrics
  • Create origin and destination matrices
  • Coordinate fleet in real-time according to accidents and roadblocks
  • Predict future requirements through traffic data statistics
  • Integrate 3rd party systems
  • Leverage a standardized API


Products and Solutions you will need to implement Traffic Flow Monitoring

Real-time Traffic Flow Monitoring System for cities and transport operators

Smart solutions for City Control Centers

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