We offer solutions to monitor critical infrastructures

For safer work environments and connected workforces

If critical assets such as dams and mines fail or function poorly this can have a severe impact on public health and safety. Critical infrastructure requires continuous monitoring to ensure early detection of failures and to enhance response times to prevent disasters.

From environmental changes to material fatigue and seismic activities like earthquakes, mines as well as dams, bridges, and tunnels, have a need for linear, structural health, and geotechnical monitoring to ensure safe environments.

The Worldsensing product line includes a connected infrastructure solution to monitor how assets evolve. All assets can be continuously supervised to develop preventive and predictive maintenance approaches to improve operations.


  • Leverage already formatted data to optimize operations
  • Remotely monitor hard-to-access infrastructures
  • Take advantage of a robust solution, which provides longevity in harsh environments
  • Cover a wide area of geotechnical sensors
  • Easily add sensors to extend the measurement range
  • Save resources through fast implementation
  • Decrease costs through easy maintenance
  • No cables; saves km of installation
  • Diminish risks and make operations safer


  • Intuitive web software
  • Intuitive configuration and data visualization
  • Easy to install, plug and use
  • Monitoring data allows users to anticipate problems and thus avert cost-intensive accidents
  • No expensive additional equipment/man-hours needed
  • Optimization of maintenance cycles by implementing only when and where truly needed
  • Alarm capabilities to prevent structural stress


Products you will need to implement Critical Asset Monitoring

The leading wireless monitoring system for critical assets & infrastructures

Spidernano is a Passive Seismic Recording Unit for civil engineering companies and seismic contractors

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